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Selenite Charging Wand
Selenite Charging Wand
Selenite Charging Wand
Selenite Charging Wand

Selenite Charging Wand

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Known to hold some of the highest clearing, cleansing and protection properties, Selenite is the crystal that keeps on cleansing. Selenite is one of the highest vibrational crystals that is often used as an energy cleanser and purifier. With its strong healing and powerful protection properties, this angelic stone has the ability to charge and cleanse itself, as well as the crystals that are placed upon it. Selenite is also the perfect companion to promote and encourage clarity, awareness and restore emotional stability and balance.

Our Stoned & Infused: Selenite Charging Wand is the perfect resting place for your precious crystals to keep them cleansed, charged and ready for you to enjoy at their highest vibrational power during your daily ritual. Our Selenite Charging Wand has the ability to amplify the healing properties and benefits of any crystal.

Dimensions:  19cm x 3cm x 1cm

Weight:  140g (approx.)


Please note: As each Selenite piece is different and unique in their own special way, dimensions and weight may vary slightly.


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