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AMETHYST: Crystal Infused Candle
AMETHYST: Crystal Infused Candle
AMETHYST: Crystal Infused Candle
AMETHYST: Crystal Infused Candle

AMETHYST: Crystal Infused Candle

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Calm  |  Patience |  Spirituality



“I am calm. I am spiritual. I see what I need & I believe it will come to me.”  Stoned & Infused


About the stone:

Amethyst is known as a powerful protector stone to evoke a sense of calmness, peace and spirituality. The beautifully dreamy purple crystal may help to create a place of spiritual peace and solace in times of confusion, stress and chaos. Amethyst is a stone widely believed to facilitate and enhance emotional centring, while offering strength and balance in times of daily stress and anxiety.

Our Stoned & Infused: Amethyst Crystal Infused Candle is the perfect choice after a long day to help promote and enhance a calm and relaxing energy within your sacred space for a peaceful night’s sleep, and is also believed to induce powerful dreams and visions and dispel nightmares.


Now even further infused with high-grade crystal chips at the bottom of each candle. A truly crystal infused candle from top to bottom, and a concept that we are so proud of, which will bring an even higher level of crystal and spiritual healing into your home and the sacred space around you. This beautiful crystal surprise embedded at the bottom of your candle is waiting to appear as your candle slowly burns down. For those who prefer to take their crystals out to enjoy before lighting your candle, you can now do so with peace of mind, knowing that your candle is still deeply stoned and infused with all the healing properties and benefits that your chosen crystal has to offer.


About the scent:


Thoughtfully scented with a tropical blend of refreshing Persian lime and clean Bergamot. Sweet hints of Burnt Sugar and juicy Pineapple, leading to a smooth creamy finish of Coconut, Vanilla and Caramel.


Classification:  Fruity  |  Citrus  |  Gourmand


Size:  Extra Large | 400g


Wick:  "Twin Flame" double wick


Burn-time:  Up to 70 hours burn-time if Stoned & Infused Candle Care and Candle Safety is followed.



Please Note: Please refer to our Candle Care page for tips on creating the perfect burn and maximum enjoyment out of your candle.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Amethyst Crystal infused Candle

This is such a beautiful smelling candle with such a calming feel from the scent and crystals! It’s one I like to burn in my sons room for calming effects to help with relaxation! He’s always begging me for another! It’s 100% one I would recommend! For us it’s one for the house and the bedroom


Absolutely beautiful! 🥰

Smells delicious and so aesthetically pleasing 😍

This was my first time ever purchasing from stoned and infused - I can guarantee that I will purchase again! The amethyst crystal infused candle looks so beautiful (I may be biased as purple is one of my favourite colours) but not only does this candle look amazing, it smells incredible too. I can compare it to a zesty lemon cheesecake with soothing vanilla undertones. Absolutely in LOVE! Highly recommend :)

New Crystal Infused Candles

WoW WoW WoW, these are absolutely beautiful. They look gorgeous and smell amazing. I’ve never been disappointed with any of my purchases from Stoned and Infused!! From the candles to the bath salts, hand wash to the diffusers.....every product is a 10/10. If you haven’t purchased anything then your missing out!! Definitely my go to when I want to treat myself or buy a gift for friends and family 🥰♥️

Bec Griffiths

Absolutely incredible

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