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BLACK TOURMALINE: Crystal Infused Candle
BLACK TOURMALINE: Crystal Infused Candle
BLACK TOURMALINE: Crystal Infused Candle
BLACK TOURMALINE: Crystal Infused Candle

BLACK TOURMALINE: Crystal Infused Candle

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Grounding  |  Protection |  Cleansing



“I am grounded. I am protected. I embrace the ability to turn all negativity into positive, reusable energy.”  Stoned & Infused


About the stone:

Black Tourmaline is one of the most purifying and grounding stones, that offers a shield of protection against negativity. This beautifully powerful stone is believed to provide a sense of calmness and healing, while offering a place of physical, emotional and spiritual protection and safety when life gets overwhelming. Black Tourmaline is also known as a powerful stone to encourage happiness, optimism and good-luck.

Our Stoned & Infused: Black Tourmaline Crystal Infused Candle is the perfect choice to help offer personal protection from negativity in our environment, while cleansing and detoxifying the energy field that surrounds us.


Now even further infused with high-grade crystal chips at the bottom of each candle. A truly crystal infused candle from top to bottom, and a concept that we are so proud of, which will bring an even higher level of crystal and spiritual healing into your home and the sacred space around you. This beautiful crystal surprise embedded at the bottom of your candle is waiting to appear as your candle slowly burns down. For those who prefer to take their crystals out to enjoy before lighting your candle, you can now do so with peace of mind, knowing that your candle is still deeply stoned and infused with all the healing properties and benefits that your chosen crystal has to offer.


About the scent:


Thoughtfully scented with an elegant mix of tart, citrusy Bergamot and juicy Mandarin, the floral depth of Mediterranean Hyacinth and indulgent creamy notes of VanillaCocoa Butter and warm, powdery Amber.


Classification:  Citrus   Floral  Creamy


Size:  Extra Large  | 400g


Wick:  "Twin Flame" double wick


Burn-time:  Up to 70 hours burn-time if Stoned & Infused Candle Care and Candle Safety is followed.



Please Note: Please refer to our Candle Care page for tips on creating the perfect burn and maximum enjoyment out of your candle.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Absolutely gorgeous candle

Absolutely love this Black Tourmaline candle …. It smells divine and looks so beautiful. Adore “Stoned & Infused” as their candles are gorgeous, well made, look a work of art and truly bring love and light 🥰

Bianca Di Geronimo

I love love LOVE stoned and infused candles!! I love there uniqueness. We have a candle in every room of stoned and infused!! I love the crystals especially and of course the fragrance smells are so yummy!!

AMAZing!! Best candles ever

Smells amazing! Love the little notes that tell you about the crystals and it just makes me feel like I have my sh*t together!! The best

Jayne Watts

As always, stunning scent along with beautiful crystals. Classy and elegant 🙏🏽🙌🏽

Debora Leoni
Amazing Candles

Love love love the candles! The smell is beautiful and looks soo good. Will definitely order more. They are great as a gift with beautiful packaging !

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