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Crystal Care



At Stoned & Infused, we want you to get the most out of your beautiful crystals’ magical properties and benefits. In order to do this, it is essential for you to cleanse your crystals regularly to allow the true beauty and healing powers of your crystals to shine.

As we know, crystals can absorb energy, both positive and negative, from ourselves and from the environment around us. Over time, negative energies your crystal is holding, can build up and affect the full potential of your crystal. Cleansing your crystals are especially important if they have been used as a form of healing or used when feeling negative thoughts and emotions.

It is particularly important to cleanse your new crystals when you receive them. All of our ethically sourced crystals at Stoned & Infused have been cleansed and energised under the moonlit sky, and they are now ready for you to perform your own cleansing ritual, and to take some quality time to set your own positive and personal intentions that are unique and special to you.


There are a number of effective ways to cleanse your beautiful Stoned & Infused crystals. Below are a few of our favourite methods, and we recommend finding the one that intuitively works best for you.



The moon is believed to have magical and powerful energies. Bathing your crystals under the moonlight will cleanse and restore your crystals to their highest and brightest form.

Directions: Bathe your crystals overnight under the moonlit sky (preferably a full moon). It is most effective when placed on the ground or other natural surface, to connect your crystals as one with both the moon and the earth.



As all crystals naturally come from the earth, they will always maintain their contact and connection with the heart of the earth. Burying your crystals in the earth will give them a deep cleanse and direct all negative and unwanted energies back into the earth.

Directions: To return your crystals to the earth, bury your crystals in the earth outside, out in the garden in your backyard or even in a pot-plant buried in the soil. Your crystals can be left for as long as you intuitively feel is needed. This can range from a full day and night to an entire week. We also recommend giving thanks to your crystals for all the support and strength they have given you when doing this, and to offer the energies your crystal is holding back into the earth.



One of the simplest ways of cleansing and purifying your crystals is through the use of smudging tools such as Palo Santo wood and Sage. The smoke from these tools will lift all unwanted energies from your crystals and carry them away.

Directions: Light your Sage or Palo Santo, and gently and slowly move them around your crystals with positive thoughts in mind. Watch the smoke dance around your crystals and visualise all unwanted energies being lifted. We recommend performing this ritual with an open window, to give the unwanted energies a clear exit path.



Cleansing your crystals with a Quartz crystal or Selenite is one of the simplest ways of cleansing and clearing your crystals of unwanted energies. A Quartz crystal or Selenite will purify, neutralise and regenerate your precious crystals.

Directions: Simply place your crystals on or around a piece of Quartz crystal or Selenite and leave for a minimum of 4-6 hours. Your Quartz crystal or Selenite will recharge, clear and purify your crystals without diminishing or taking away energy of their own.



Salt is another simple and effective way to cleanse your crystals. Salt is believed to draw energies from your crystals and absorb them into the salt, making it a great way to give your crystals a deep and purifying cleanse.

Directions: Bury your crystals in a bowl of Pink Himalayan salt and leave for a minimum of 4 hours. Always be sure to discard the salt after this process, as you will be discarding all the negative and unwanted energy the salt has drawn out along with it.




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