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AMETHYST: Palo Santo Bundle
AMETHYST: Palo Santo Bundle
AMETHYST: Palo Santo Bundle

AMETHYST: Palo Santo Bundle

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Known as the 'Holy Wood', Palo Santo has been used for centuries in prayer and meditation rituals and ceremonies. It has purification properties that can clear away negative energies and vibrations and create a positive and soothing environment. Palo Santo is also believed to encourage and welcome positivity, love and creativity into your space.

Our Amethyst - Palo Santo 3 piece Bundle is the ultimate triple threat. Palo Santo will cleanse and clear, Amethyst will promote calm and peace, and Selenite will uplift and soothe your space.


Our AMETHYST - Palo Santo Bundle includes:

1 x Palo Santo stick

1 x Amethyst Chunk

1 x Selenite stick


Directions for use:

Hold your Palo Santo stick on an angle facing down towards your flame until it starts to burn. Once your Palo Santo stick is burning, you can then blow it out and let it smoulder in your space during meditation, or it can also be used as a way of smudging by walking through your space while gently waving it around in a slow, gliding motion with positive thoughts, prayers and intentions in mind, and while holding onto your crystal chunk and selenite.

Your Palo Santo stick will smoulder and release its smoke for a few minutes before it goes out. It can then be re-lit as many times as needed, depending on your ritual and the size of the space you are focused on clearing.

We recommend using one of our Abalone Shells when performing your ritual, to offer extra protection and to provide a safe place to rest your Palo Santo stick during and after use.


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Best customer service and it came so fast!

I cant believe how fast my product came and how amazing the customer service was. Tracey was very on top of everything

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