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Apophyllite #017
Apophyllite #017

Apophyllite #017

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Clarity  |  Honesty | Uplifting



“I am joyful. I am uplifted. I have the power to release and move forward with an open heart and an honest mind.” – Stoned & Infused

Known as the ‘stone of truth’, Apophyllite is a powerful stone to assist with releasing suppressed emotions and matters of the heart, by connecting us to the spirit realm and our guardian angels. A calming stone, Apophyllite is known to assist with reducing stress and anxiety, releasing mental blocks and clearing negative thoughts and energies.

Apophyllite helps to open the heart to light and joy while healing heartbreak, grief and disappointment and encouraging us to receive abundance, love and prosperity. This beautiful spiritual stone is also known to enhance mental clarity, awareness and focus.

A high vibrational and uplifting stone, Apophyllite brings love and light to your space, promotes inner peace and joy within ourselves, and helps us to become spiritually uplifted. It also holds powerful cleansing and clearing properties and has the ability to amplify the energy in the space around you as well as other crystals that are placed near it.

Apophyllite is the perfect choice to enhance and purify the energy in your sacred space and promote a higher level of awareness and understanding with a clear and honest mind.


Weight:  606g


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Jade Dyson
My new fave

Absolutely love this! It’s so beautiful, even better in person which rarely happens. Love stoned and infused x

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