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"CALM & GROUNDED" — Winter Edition Crystal Infused Candle
"CALM & GROUNDED" — Winter Edition Crystal Infused Candle
"CALM & GROUNDED" — Winter Edition Crystal Infused Candle
"CALM & GROUNDED" — Winter Edition Crystal Infused Candle

"CALM & GROUNDED" — Winter Edition Crystal Infused Candle

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Clarity  |  Balance  |  Protection



"I am calm. I am grounded. I move forward with a clear and balanced mind, knowing that I am guarded and protected on my journey.

 — Stoned & Infused


About the stones:


An absolute 'power couple' and one of the highest vibrational crystal combinations, to bring a peaceful and grounding balance to your sacred space. The pairing of Amethyst and Black Tourmaline together, encourages us to stay calm and centered, while keeping us guarded and protected on our journey.

Amethyst: A protective and healing stone that is widely known to evoke a sense of calmness, peace and clarity. This beautifully dreamy crystal will create a space of spiritual peace and solace in times of confusion, stress and chaos.

Black Tourmaline: The ultimate stone of purification, Black Tourmaline is known to offer a shield of protection against negativity, while cleansing and detoxifying the space and energy around us. This powerful warrior stone is also believed to encourage happiness, optimism and good-luck.

Our "Calm & Grounded"  Winter Edition Candle is EVEN FURTHER infused with high-grade Amethyst and Black Tourmaline crystal chips deep within the wax at the bottom of each candle. This beautiful crystal surprise is waiting to appear as your candle slowly burns down.

A TRULY crystal-infused candle in every sense of the word, and a concept we are so proud of, which will bring an EVEN HIGHER level of crystal healing into your home and the space around you; more than any other crystal-infused candle.


About the scents:

Create your own personal "Calm & Grounded" candle by choosing the perfect scent blend that is festive and nostalgic to YOU this winter.

BUTTERED POPCORN: The perfect fragrance blend for those cold winter movie/date nights in. This irresistible and nostalgic blend of fresh popcorn, covered in warm melted butter will take you right back to the movies in 2021!

CREAMY COCONUT: A creamy and indulgent blend of silky coconut cream, and the sweet elegance of Madagascan vanilla bean that will fill your space with a warm and beautiful sweetness on a cold winter's night.

VANILLA & CARAMEL: A rich and decadent gourmand blend of warm, creamy vanilla and gooey salted caramel, that will embrace and envelope your space with this sweet and comforting fragrance blend.

Now with 3 additional fragrance blends to choose from!

WATERMELON BURST: An intoxicating blend of juicy watermelon and Sicilian lemon, with the sweet intensity of tart blackberry, rounded off with a subtle splash of vanilla.

PERSIAN LIME & COCONUT: An addictive tropical blend of fresh Persian lime and juicy pineapple, leading to a smooth creamy finish of grated coconut, vanilla and caramelised sugar.

GRAPE & HONEYSUCKLE: A soft and sensual blend of juicy grape and mandarin, combined with soft feminine notes of honeysuckle, jasmine and neroli, leading to a warm subtle finish of vanilla and malt.



Large  350g

Extra Large  500g


Large  Single lead-free, cotton braided wick

Extra Large  "Twin Flame" lead-free, cotton braided double wick


Large  Up to 50 hours burn-time if Stoned & Infused Candle Care and Candle Safety is followed.

Extra Large  Up to 70 hours burn-time if Stoned & Infused Candle Care and Candle Safety is followed.



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Dave Mclaughlin
Calm and Grounded

Absolutely beautiful candle. The scent amazing!!! The packaging impeccable.
Thank you so much cannot wait to order again.

Hannah Ellingford
The best candles!

Stunningly scented, its hard to believe one candle packs so much punch! my entire home fills up with the scent when burning!! A+ quality candle with such beautiful scents and crystals.


"CALM & GROUNDED" — Winter Edition Crystal Infused Candle

Catherine Jane
A beautiful gift for someone you care about

This is a beautiful candle, wonderfully made, and supporting a local Melbourne business is just icing on the cake! Received it after only a few days. Love the information cards included as well. Even went and bought another candle for myself! Can thoroughly recommend

Sarah M
Customer Service & Products Equally Amazing

Every interaction was so fast and friendly! My order was shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. We sent it as a gift and my mother received it today, she was overwhelmed with how beautiful these products were and how delightful they smelt. Highly recommend!

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