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"I am Light" - Natural Selenite Lamp
"I am Light" - Natural Selenite Lamp

"I am Light" - Natural Selenite Lamp

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Stability  Clarity |  Balance



“I am safe. I am healed. I have the power and wisdom to release all that is not worthy of me.” — Stoned & Infused


Known to hold some of the highest clearing, cleansing and protection properties, Selenite is the crystal that keeps on cleansing. Selenite is one of the highest vibrational crystals that is often used as an energy cleanser and purifier. Our Stoned & Infused: “I am Light” - Natural Selenite Lamp is the ultimate addition to your sacred space, to clear away unwanted residual energy and encourage a positive energy flow into your home.

Our Selenite Lamps amplify its strong healing properties and raises the vibration of the Selenite crystal, while filling your space with radiance and harmony with its pure, warm white light. Our Selenite Lamps are also the perfect companion during meditation or daily rituals to encourage and promote clarity, awareness and restore emotional balance.


Tips: Our “I am Light” – Natural Selenite Lamp can be placed in any room or sacred space in your home to clear and purify the energy in your environment and fill your space with love, light and an uplifting glow.



Small: 20 - 25cm  |  Large: 30 - 35cm

*Globe included


Care Instructions: Keep in a dry, safe place and away from children and pets. Clean gently with a dry cloth only, as Selenite is highly affected and may be damaged by moisture.


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Natural Selenite Lamp

Love Love Love ❤️ This lamp is georgeus arrived on time couldn't be happier 🥰 Love supporting your team

Gabriella Mattiacci

"I am Light" - Natural Selenite Lamp

Natural Selenite Lamp

I am absolutely blown away by how stunning this lamp is. I did not expect it be as big as it is, but WoW I’m so glad it is. It is absolutely stunning 🤩🤍 Stoned and Diffused NEVER disappoints. I will buy from them every single time. ❣️

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