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OPALITE: Crystal Infused Rainbow Blend - LIMITED EDITION
OPALITE: Crystal Infused Rainbow Blend - LIMITED EDITION
OPALITE: Crystal Infused Rainbow Blend - LIMITED EDITION

OPALITE: Crystal Infused Rainbow Blend - LIMITED EDITION

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Healing  |  Intuition  |  Self-Worth



“I am protected. I am fearless. I embrace my self-worth, confidence and personal power.” – Stoned & Infused


About the stone:

Known for its healing and protective properties, Opalite is a highly energetic stone that has the ability to raise intuition and improve communication on all levels. This beautifully creamy and iridescent stone is believed to remove energy blockages and encourage us to speak our heart and our truth while offering inner strength and wisdom when communicating buried and hidden feelings.

A highly protective stone, Opalite may help to eliminate negativity while encouraging us to harness our own personal power. Opalite is also believed to boost confidence and self-esteem and helps us to realise and embrace our self-worth.

Opalite is the perfect stone to help eliminate fear and offer assistance and courage in dealing with change and transitional periods.


About the scent:

Thoughtfully scented with a deliciously fruity blend of juicy Mango and Banana, fun summery notes of Kiwi Fruit and fresh Strawberry, leading to a subtle creamy finish of Vanilla, Musk and Coconut Cream.


Classification:  Fruity | Summery | Creamy


Size: 350g


Please Note: Please refer to our Candle Care page for tips on creating the perfect burn and maximum enjoyment out of your candle.


Customer Reviews

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Love ❤️

Every time a box from stoned and infused arrives on my doorstep I do a happy dance! The arrival of this candle was no exception ❤️ Gorgeous scent and super pretty jar! As with everything else from S & I I am obsessed with this as well! Thanks for always making my day with your candles 😊

Deborah Strautmanis

Love them

These candles are wonderful!

I just love them! They smell stunning and look so pretty!

Loved it and my bf did too

He got through a candle in less than a week 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ Lol so addictive

Gillian Schentke
Best candles!

I love my candle. Trying to buy more but they're constantly sold out. Will keep trying.

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