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PĀUA SHELL: Limited Edition Candle
PĀUA SHELL: Limited Edition Candle
PĀUA SHELL: Limited Edition Candle
PĀUA SHELL: Limited Edition Candle

PĀUA SHELL: Limited Edition Candle

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Strength  |  Prosperity  |  Harmony

“I am calm. I am healed. I am connected to the sea and embrace the waves of change.” — Stoned & Infused

About the stone:
Found only in the coastal waters of New Zealand, Pāua Shells are believed to offer peace, prosperity and good luck to its beholder. It’s beautifully dreamy and iridescent colours represent the ocean and all its calming and healing energies. Simply carrying a piece of Pāua Shell allows us to remain connected to the ocean and her soothing energies, even when we are on land.
Pāua Shells are known to strengthen the body as well as the heart, while providing a layer of protection and emotional balance. It is also widely used in cleansing rituals to detoxify the space around us and help transform negative thoughts and energies into positive, reusable energy.
Through its gentle vibrations and soothing energies, Pāua Shells help to improve communication and harmony in relationships, and encourage us to see things from a more compassionate and loving perspective.


About the scent:


Thoughtfully scented with an uplifting tropical blend of juicy Pineapple and fresh Watermelon, the sweet intensity of luscious Mango and Grated Coconut, rounded off with a subtle touch of Tonka Bean.

Classification:  Fruity  Tropical  Fresh


Size:  Extra Large | 400g


Wick:  "Twin Flame" double wick


Burn-time:  Up to 70 hours burn-time if Stoned & Infused Candle Care and Candle Safety is followed.



Please Note: Please refer to our Candle Care page for tips on creating the perfect burn and maximum enjoyment out of your candle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Julie Helen Ronchi
Couldn’t love it more

I am so thrilled with my Paua she’ll candle. It just brings me joy. I ❤️It so much

PAUA SHELL - Gorgeous, Amazing, calming, beautiful scented candle - LOVE IT

This is one of the most beautiful candles I have ever had. The scent is AMAZING and the shell, it’s just so beautiful to watch it burn and melt down so evenly with the candle on. It’s so calming and relaxing! Again another winner from stonedandinfused!! Thank you for always bringing such beauty and great calm and beautiful scented smelling peace into my home with your various crystal stoned candles. Love and Light x

Teresa Soanes
Beautiful to look at better to smell!

Love this candle. Gave my first ones as gifts and had to have one for myself! Perfect gift for my Aussie based Kiwis

So pretty to look at and smell

Smells amazing and looks so pretty too.. the scent through is awesome, my sister could smell it in the lounge room which is like atleast 10-15m away from my bedroom where I was burning it


If mermaids had a signature candle and shell this would be it . It’s absolutely amazing the smell and love that created this unique majestic vibe shines through . I love stone & infused for this fact . When you burn each candle you are instantly transported to another place . The Paua shells they used are native to Aoeteroa ( NZ ) and when you light it you can automatically feel the wairua ( spirits) love it 😍😍❤️

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