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White Sage Stick
White Sage Stick

White Sage Stick

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Sage Sticks are the ultimate tool to dispel negative and unwanted energies in your space. Smudging is an ancient ritual that is still widely used today to cleanse and clear away bad vibes hiding in your environment or left behind by others.

The ritual of smudging is also believed to relieve stress, boost ones mood and improve the quality of sleep, while offering a layer of protection in your space.


Size:  Large


Directions for Use:

Before lighting your Sage Stick, we recommend turning on your lights and opening the windows in your space, to create a clear exit path for all negative and unwanted energies that are about to be cleared.

With a clear intention in mind, you are now ready to light up your Sage Stick, and walk through your space, paying extra close attention to corners, cupboards and dark areas of your space, where unwanted energies may be hiding. Keep your intention of what you want to achieve clear in your mind and focus on this while you are smudging your space and telling all negative energies to go to the light.

We recommend using one of our Abalone Shells when performing your ritual, to offer extra protection and to provide a safe place to rest your Sage Stick after use.



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